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Do you have any superstitions that cause you to do anything before or after a game?
All the time. I got so many, it’s ridiculous. Gotta listen to music as I’m getting dressed. Left sock, then right sock. I take 20-25 swings before batting practice and another 20-25 after. I touch third base every time I go in and out from shortstop but not if our dugout is on the first base side. I don’t do first base because I touch third because this is my goal to get to third but if my goal is only to get to first it doesn’t do the team any good. I draw a cross for every inning we go out there and every time I step up to hit I say please take care of me and okay, let’s not get hit in the face.

If you had one word to describe yourself, what would that word be?
Energetic. I bounce around a lot.

What advice do you have for kids about making their dreams come true?
Wake up every day and have fun with whatever your dream is. You have to enjoy it. You can’t look at it as a job. When you’re a kid if you want to grow up and play sports, play as many sports as you can. Don’t concentrate on just one because you’ll burn yourself out. Enjoy life and enjoy being a kid.