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Gary Payton 

It’s NBA playoff time and the Miami Heat are playing hard to win it all. We met with one of the funniest and loudest Heat Players, Gary Payton. Even during practice he was talking loud and shouting funny things. He’s known as a trash talker but we learned about a much nicer side of Gary Payton.

 Who did you look up to as a kid and why?
My father. He was my mentor. I idolize him in every way because I wasn’t with my mother. My parents were separated. My father was the person there so every time I went to basketball games, there were problems at school, school events, he was there no matter what. My friends didn’t have fathers around so he became like the father for everyone. If anyone didn’t have tennis shoes, he went out and bought it. He took care of all of us.
 Do you have any superstitions that cause you to do anything before or after a game?
Every game I have to eat breakfast. Then I have to come to the stadium and sit in the Jacuzzi for about twenty minutes. I have to talk to my wife 10 minutes before every game.

 What’s the funniest or strangest thing that ever happened to you on the basketball court?
I came out one time and I forgot my jersey. I took off my warm up top and I had no jersey on and I had to run all the way back to the locker room and everybody was laughing. I don’t know how I forgot to put my jersey on.

Favorites-24 second shot clock:

Cartoon character- Popeye
Ice cream flavor- Vanilla
Movie- Fish that Saved Pittsburgh
Favorite toy as a kid- G.I. Joe
Color- Purple
Animal- Dog
Food- Chicken
Video game- Racing cars
Drink- Grape soda
President- Clinton
Ride at Disney World- I don’t get on rollercoasters
Book- Malcom X
Room in the house- Game room