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Josh Becket

Remember Josh Beckett? He was the great pitcher for the Florida Marlins when we won the World Series. Recently, we talked to Josh Beckett, now pitching great for the Boston Red Sox, on his first trip back playing in Miami since he won the World Series.

What was your most embarrassing sports moment?
I balked in a run in a World Series game. There was a guy on third and I balked and we lost the game. We lost it 2-0 anyway so it wasn’t that big a deal but it was pretty embarrassing.

What was your most meaningful moment as a kid?
I believe you learn a lot more through failure than you do through succeeding all the time. Being beaten in high school in my sophmore year. Just learning to go through that made me a stronger man.

Cartoon character- Scooby Doo
Ice cream flavor- Chocolate
Movie- Anchorman
Toy as a kid- GI Joe
Color- Blue
Animal- Dog
Video game- Tiger Woods
Food- Steak
Drink- Diet Coke
President- Bush
Book- Huckleberry Finn

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