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Kenny Lofton, outfielder for the L.A. Dodgers, has appeared in six All Star games and won four Gold glove awards.

What was your favorite moment playing baseball?

1995 when I went to the World Series.

Has anyone every made fun of you or put you down?  How did you deal with it?

I was a funny looking little kid.  They made fun of me, called me the little, skinny kid.  I used to think, one day I’m going to show you guys that this little, skinny kid can do something and look at me now.

What was your most meaningful moment as a kid?

When I was little I wasn’t able to play basketball because I didn’t have my grades up and I realized how important school was.

What advice do you have for kids about making their dreams come true?

The biggest thing is that failure is a part of life.  It’s like falling off a horse;you have to get right back on.  Always say, failure can lead to success.


Cartoon character:                    Bugs Bunny

Ice cream flavor:                       Butter Pecan

Movie:                                      Friday

Toy as a kid:                             My racetrack

Drink:                                       Water

Color:                                       Red

Animal:                                    Cheetah

Video Game:                            Ghost Recon

Food:                                       Sushi

President:                                 Abraham Lincoln

Book:                                       Tribulation Force

Room in House:                        Bedroom, I like to sleep

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